The Academic Advisory System is designed to help students maintain or increase their academic performance through out the years until graduation. Every student will be assigned to a lecturer, as an academic advisor, to be monitored. An Academic Advisor plays a vital role in assisting student in planning and executes their study plan throughout their years in UTeM. Students may also require their advice besides academic matters but will eventually effects their academic performance.

Students Responsibility

Students are responsible to consistently meet with their academic advisor to get advice and help in solving any academic problems that arise. Every semester, students need to discuss their study plan with their academic advisor and to consult their academic advisor before registering their subjects for the respective semester. In general, students are responsible to:

  • Meet up with the academic advisor in the first week of the semester and obtain the general explanation about the Semester System and related issues concerning learning process as well as monitoring students performance.
  • Obtain an assistance from the academic advisor in preparing their study plan throughout their four years of study in UTeM, such as subjects to be registered every semester, credit hours, and so on.
  • Inform the Faculty Administration and academic advisor concerning the students performance and problems.
  • Check and verify subjects registered for the examination.
  • Report the students performance to the academic advisor and seek any amendment to the study plan according to students performance (if necessary).
  • Seek advice and explanation from their academic advisor the effects of registering and dropping subjects.