Program Educational Objectives (PEO) are specific goals describing expected achievements of graduates in their career and professional life after graduation. Below is the PEO for Faculty of Engineering Technology.

PEO1To produce welding technologist that perform related welding work including maintenance, fabricator, designer, safety advisor, and production manager.
PEO2To produce technopreneurs in related welding technology.
PEO3To produce relevant, respected, and referred professionals in welding technology.

Upon completion of this program, graduate should be able to:

PLO1Apply knowledge of technology fundamentals to broadly-defined procedures processes, systems and methodologies in welding technology.
PLO2Able to suggest and apply latest tools and techniques to solve broadly-defined problems.
PLO3Demonstrate strong analytical and critical thinking skills to solve broadly-defined problems in welding technology.
PLO4Able to communicate and articulate effectively in both verbal and written among technologist communities and society at large.
PLO5Demonstrate understanding of the societal related issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to broadly-defined technology practices.
PLO6Recognize the needs for professional development and to engage independent lifelong learning in specialist technologists.
PLO7Demonstrate an awareness of management and technopreneurship practices in real perspective.
PLO8Demonstrate professionalism and social and ethical consideration.
PLO9Demonstrate leadership quality, mentoring, and work effectively in diverse teams.

Career Prospect

Students will learn and practice all required skills and knowledge in but not limited to, welding process, welding inspection, Non-Destructive Test, and IR4.0 systems in welding. Students will experience 1-year on-the-job learning and training in local industry that will furnish them with the required experience that may secure them with a proper career in the future.

Becoming a Welding Technologist is an excellent career path for Bachelor Degree of Technology in Welding. It is a known demand from industry for graduates to have at least one type of competency or skill other than their own bachelor degree certificate. Bachelor Degree of Technology in Welding graduates can also become professional welders with another level of knowledge in IR4.0 application and advanced welding processes. Welding technopreneur is another branch of an excellent career that Bachelor Degree of Technology in Welding graduates can get into, since creating another job for others.

Curriculum Structure

First Year – First Semester

BLLW 1222Third LanguageW2
BMMK 1014Safety in WeldingK4
BMMK 1024Cad and Welding GraphicsK4
BMMK 1034Metal Fabrications TechnologyK4

First Year – Second Semester

**BLLW 2152Academic writingW2
BMMK 1043Product Design In WeldingK3
BMMK 1054Welding DocumentationK4
BMMK 1064Non-Conventional Welding ProcessK4
**BLLW 2152Academic writingW2

Second Year – First Semester

**BLLW 3162English for Professional InteractionW2
BMMK 2074Imperfection in WeldingK4
BMMK 2084Materials Behaviour in WeldingK4
BMMK 2094Safety ManagementK4
BMMK 2104Welding Design AnalysisK4

Second Year – Second Semester

BTMU 2124Capstone Technopreneurship 1 P4
BMMK 2114Computer Aided AnalysisK4
BMMK 2124Electrical Welding EquipmentK4
BMMK 2134Non Destructive TestK4

Third Year – First Semester

BTMU 3134Capstone Technopreneurship 2P4
*BMMK 31X4ElectiveE4
BMMK 3144Economic of Welding and ProcurementK4
BMMK 3184Welding Quality AssuranceK4
BMXX XXX0Professional Certificate Preparation CourseP0

Third Year – Second Semester

BMMU 3134Final Year Project 1K4
BMMK 3193Cyber Physical Systems in WeldingK3
BMMK 3204Reclamation in WeldingK4
BMMK 3214Managing Production and SupervisionK4

Fouth Year – First Semester

BMMU 3186Final Year Project 2K6

Fouth Year – Second Semester

BMMU 3212Industrial TrainingK12

BKKX XXX1Cocurriculum IW1
BLHW 1442English for Academic PurposesW2
BKKX XXX1Cocurriculum IIW1
BLHW 1762Philosophy and Current IssuesW2
BTMW 1112Basic TechnopreneurW2
BMMK 1043Product Design In WeldingK3
BMMK 1054Welding DocumentationK4
BMMK 1064Non-Conventional Welding ProcessK4
BLHW 2772Appreciation of Ethics and CivilizationsW2

**   Pre-requisite COURSE
W   University Compulsory
P    Faculty Core
K    Programme Core
E    Elective

* For Elective, students may choose any ONE (1) subject from the list below: 

1.BMMK 3154Non Dectructive Test for Professional
2.BMMK 3164Welding Technology for Professional
3.BMMK 3174Welding Inspection for Professional

  *** Work Based Learning Programme in industry for 12 months.