Assalamu’alaikum and Greetings to all

Welcome to the Faculty of Industrial and Manufacturing Technology and Engineering (also known as Fakulti Teknologi & Kejuruteraan Industri & Pembuatan – FTKIP), UTeM with our motto of “Catalyst for Industrial Revolution in Manufacturing Engineering”. We are proud to declare ourselves as the one and only faculty that focus on industrial and manufacturing engineering and technology in Malaysia since 2001. Currently, FTKIP is located at UTeM’s beautiful main campus in Durian Tunggal as well as the industry campus in Ayer Keroh, Melaka – a UNESCO World Heritage City with easy access to the North-South Highway linking both Kuala Lumpur to the north and Singapore to the south.

FTKIP is supported by 124 academic, 36 technical of all backgrounds and strengths in the field of manufacturing engineering as well as 14 administrative staff. The fields include engineering materials, manufacturing design, manufacturing process, robotics and automation, and manufacturing management.

Our faculty comprises four main departments: the Department of Engineering, the Department of Engineering Technology, the Department of Technology, and the Department of Diploma. We offer a wide range of academic programs, including diplomas and bachelor’s degrees in industrial and manufacturing technology, engineering technology, and engineering. Additionally, we provide postgraduate opportunities at the MSc, MEng, PhD, and DEng levels.

With a student population of 1369 of undergraduate and 132 postgraduate students, FTKIP is a dynamic and stimulating environment for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. We are committed to delivering a quality education and fostering strong connections with industry. I hope that you will consider FTKIP as your preferred choice for tertiary education and a place to call home in the near future.

Welcome to FTKIP!
“UTeM is Melaka and Melaka is UTeM”

Faculty of Industrial and Manufacturing Technology and Engineering (FTKIP)

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2nd of October 2023